Sunday, February 7, 2016

I live in Religious Whacko Land....

You know... Holland Michigan really is Religious Whacko land... Seriously... The place is just full of whacked out "Christians" who are mostly just full of crap... and wouldn't know Jesus if they were talking to him face to face. What a town full of weirdos. Sometimes it just hits me... How in the world did I survive growing up around all these fruitcakes? These people are just so full of THEMSELVES and not "God"... or anything else even remotely good... Just drives me NUTS. For the most part... I see it as more evil than anything else... These people are psychotic. I don't mind people who believe in magical invisible beings in the sky... I mean... fine with me... I don't care if other people worship Tennis Shoes. Doesn't matter to me. It is none of my business. Its all the same ludicrous nonsense to me, either way. What I do care about is they act like ASSHOLES to their fellow humans... Prancing around bragging about how THEY are so smart that THEY just happened to choose the one true correct religion... THAT crap bothers me. The sheer arrogance of these people goes against everything their own religion teaches them. Not to mention... most of them I talk to know less about their own religion than I do... which utterly amazes me. And... their complete intolerance of other religions is nothing short of shameful. How DARE they swagger about declaring they are so correct and they know the one right prescription for everybody else. It really is sickening. Anybody with a BRAIN should feel insulted to the core by such stupidity. You would think they would take a hint from the Muslims who are slaughtering people in the name of Allah... You think that would clue some of these people in... that declaring YOUR religion as the "one true religion" might, just maybe, lead to some problems with other people who think THEIR equally stupid religion is the "one true religion" .... What a bunch of evil garbage. All of it. Why do they give a rat's ass what anybody else believes, anyway? The truth is... it is absolutely none of their fucking business. Why can't we all just get along? After all... when you think about it.... after you cut through the crap.... we all basically believe in the same Flying Spaghetti Monster, anyway.... So, what is everybody's problem?

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