Tuesday, February 16, 2016

re. People.... There's somebody I work with... don't know her very well... been working nearby her for about a year. Always happy, always cheerful... somebody you can count on for a smile or a casual joke. A real positive person who puts others in a good mood, everyday. SO... recently... she took a week off, or so... suddenly... for unknown reasons. She comes back totally devastated, completely down... really dragging... like a completely different person. HERE IS THE QUESTION.... Do I snoop into it and try to help? Maybe accidentally say the right thing? Again... somebody I have probably never had a 10 word conversation with. An interesting thing to ponder... Do I just sit back and watch a really happy person be miserable? Or do I risk stepping in it completely in an attempt to be nice? Clearly, something really big happened... to change somebody this much... yet... I haven't caught on to what it may be... ANY IDEAS? An interesting predicament. - SteveCorneliussen.com 

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