Sunday, February 28, 2016


We should have a NATIONAL PRIMARY DAY... Right now the news morons are all basically saying "Super Tuesday" will determine who the Nominees for each party will be. Two reasons this bugs me... #1 There's plenty of voting after Super Tuesday... so... it does not determine who the nominee shall be. #2 All this focus on the "horse race" early on... with News Reporters claiming who will be the nominee, gives the feeling that if your state primary is after Super Tuesday... it doesn't matter. For those of us in Michigan who will vote on Tuesday, March 8th... a week later... it becomes really annoying. By the time the Michigan Primary takes place, every News reporter in the country will have already told who is going to win, regardless of how any of us in Michigan vote. It is really annoying. Often, a candidate we might have liked is already out of the race, because of Iowa, New Hampshire, etc. didn't like them. By the time WE get to vote... the field has already narrowed itself down to one or two candidates... The whole thing is annoying. My vote should count just as much as somebody who lives in Iowa, New Hampshire, etc. And think of this... there are plenty of states who have primaries long after Michigan does. We have already lost a few Candidates on the Republican side... of course we all know Hillary will be the Democrat nominee... (if she can stay out of prison) ANYWAY... I really SERIOUSLY think there should be a SINGLE national primary day. Making primary voters in ALL states equal. This system is messed up. And, not to mention the Democrats and their "super delegates" who can go to the convention and vote for whoever THEY want... regardless of how the people of the state voted. For example... This year... Bernie Sanders schlonged Hillary in New Hampshire.... beating her by an amazing 20 percentage points... but... they each will get the SAME number of NH delegates for the convention.. because ALL of New Hampshire's super delegates say they will back Hillary... even though Bernie clearly stomped her ass in their state. The whole thing is a mess. I say... ONE NATIONAL PRIMARY day... And delegates MUST back the winner of their state... or... the district they represent. There should be no Super Delegates, in either party. All this NONSENSE that makes people in Iowa or New Hampshire have more power with their primary vote than people in other states with later Primary elections... this whole thing is just garbage. Have a National Primary Day... all on the same day... then let the political parties choose their nominee based upon those results. And, by the way... if you are a resident of Washington DC... you don't cast your primary vote until JUNE 14th ... long after the Primary process has already narrowed the field down to basically ONE candidate for each party. I mean... why even vote in a primary if the nominees have already been determined by people in all the other states... before you are even allowed to vote. ALL VOTES SHOULD BE EQUAL.... and the only way to do that is to have a NATIONAL PRIMARY DAY. -

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