Saturday, July 2, 2016


"FOURTH OF JULY BURY THE STORY CONTEST" -- This year's winner ... is.... (drum roll) ... The envelope please... Ah! This is a group prize this year!!! The award goes to the FBI... The Department of Justice... and the entire Clinton crew... for... scheduling Hillary's FBI interview on a weekend when nobody is watching the news! Outstanding work! By the time people go back to work on Tuesday... nobody will even realize she was interrogated by the FBI in a major Criminal Investigation.... as the prime suspect. Excellent! A classic for the ages! Please be sure to tune in Labor Day Weekend for our next episode of "BURY THE STORY" -- S

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

There are 2 types of people

I am disappointed. It seems the majority of my fellow Americans think it is OK to have an elite political class of people who are above the law. Apparently... many Americans believe we should allow our leaders to do whatever they want to... and not be held accountable for their actions. This saddens me. One of the key principles of our Republic is that we are all equal. A cornerstone of our legal system is that nobody is above the law. Nobody is "too big to prosecute." I find it very disturbing that millions of Americans genuinely believe our laws do not apply to the political elite. This is the EXACT sort of thing that caused America to rebel against The British, in the first place. America DOES NOT have a "ruling class." Our laws apply to all citizens. And, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Remember that? I am fed up with this Ruling Class mentality... and... even worse... I am very concerned that so many Americans are willing to accept it. The idea there a certain class of person... who achieves a certain status... is not subject to the law defies everything our nation stands for. Elite politicians who just wave off their criminal acts because they think they are above the law are not going to solve any of our problems. They ARE the problem. -

Sunday, February 28, 2016


We should have a NATIONAL PRIMARY DAY... Right now the news morons are all basically saying "Super Tuesday" will determine who the Nominees for each party will be. Two reasons this bugs me... #1 There's plenty of voting after Super Tuesday... so... it does not determine who the nominee shall be. #2 All this focus on the "horse race" early on... with News Reporters claiming who will be the nominee, gives the feeling that if your state primary is after Super Tuesday... it doesn't matter. For those of us in Michigan who will vote on Tuesday, March 8th... a week later... it becomes really annoying. By the time the Michigan Primary takes place, every News reporter in the country will have already told who is going to win, regardless of how any of us in Michigan vote. It is really annoying. Often, a candidate we might have liked is already out of the race, because of Iowa, New Hampshire, etc. didn't like them. By the time WE get to vote... the field has already narrowed itself down to one or two candidates... The whole thing is annoying. My vote should count just as much as somebody who lives in Iowa, New Hampshire, etc. And think of this... there are plenty of states who have primaries long after Michigan does. We have already lost a few Candidates on the Republican side... of course we all know Hillary will be the Democrat nominee... (if she can stay out of prison) ANYWAY... I really SERIOUSLY think there should be a SINGLE national primary day. Making primary voters in ALL states equal. This system is messed up. And, not to mention the Democrats and their "super delegates" who can go to the convention and vote for whoever THEY want... regardless of how the people of the state voted. For example... This year... Bernie Sanders schlonged Hillary in New Hampshire.... beating her by an amazing 20 percentage points... but... they each will get the SAME number of NH delegates for the convention.. because ALL of New Hampshire's super delegates say they will back Hillary... even though Bernie clearly stomped her ass in their state. The whole thing is a mess. I say... ONE NATIONAL PRIMARY day... And delegates MUST back the winner of their state... or... the district they represent. There should be no Super Delegates, in either party. All this NONSENSE that makes people in Iowa or New Hampshire have more power with their primary vote than people in other states with later Primary elections... this whole thing is just garbage. Have a National Primary Day... all on the same day... then let the political parties choose their nominee based upon those results. And, by the way... if you are a resident of Washington DC... you don't cast your primary vote until JUNE 14th ... long after the Primary process has already narrowed the field down to basically ONE candidate for each party. I mean... why even vote in a primary if the nominees have already been determined by people in all the other states... before you are even allowed to vote. ALL VOTES SHOULD BE EQUAL.... and the only way to do that is to have a NATIONAL PRIMARY DAY. -

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

One of the smartest things I ever heard... from one of the smartest people I can think of: George F. Will once said... something like this: "The IMPORTANT trends in the world... are the trends that all the people IN POWER are trying to stop... or control... and... no matter what they do... and no matter how many powerful forces TRY to stop it... The people in charge simply can't stop it."

--- Some examples.... "The rise of the internet" .... or... The Rise of Radical Terrorist Islam. -- Those are couple of GREAT examples of things everybody in power tried to control... or stop... and basically they can't. Another great example is Donald Trump. The POWER brokers in The Republican party are doing everything they can to stop the guy.... and they can't do it. Somehow... He keeps getting votes. And... the same could be said for The Democrats this year... Bernie Sanders is doing a WHOLE lot better than the people who run things want him to. But.... don't limit this thinking to Politics.... This applies to something as simple as POT-HOLES in our roads. In spite of all the talk... and all the money that is spent on it... America has a massive infrastructure problem. We spent 100 years building roads and bridges... as if they would last forever.... when... in reality... not much of it was built to last. Or how about this one.... We hear over and over... people in power talking about "saving American jobs" ... yet... the reality on the street is... regardless of who we vote for... America's jobs are being outsourced to countries with lower labor costs... and it is happening at an alarming rate... and nobody seems to be able to stop it. The absolutely absurd War on Drugs is another example.... in spite of spending zillions of dollars... (big surprise) ... people still use drugs... and drug use continues to grow throughout our society. AND THE LIST GOES ON. I have nicknamed this whole thing... "The George Will Theory" ..... lol... So... next time you are trying to figure out what news stories REALLY matter... through all the clutter we are exposed to... I suggest applying "The George Will Theory"... When you see trends that are happening IN SPITE of the people in charge... things the powers that be can not control.... THOSE are the News stories and trends that matter.
The rest is just noise.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Keyboard Cat Video ....

When is the last time you watched THIS classic video?



Micheal McDowell starts 39th out of 40 cars at THE DAYTONA 500 today.... which isn't a big deal... until you consider THIS crash he was in, back in 2008.  Just one of so many stories that make up an event like The Daytona 500... an event I have watched since I was about 10 years old.  So... we are off to the races... for the 2016 season!  And... best of luck to Micheal McDowell !!!  -

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

re. People.... There's somebody I work with... don't know her very well... been working nearby her for about a year. Always happy, always cheerful... somebody you can count on for a smile or a casual joke. A real positive person who puts others in a good mood, everyday. SO... recently... she took a week off, or so... suddenly... for unknown reasons. She comes back totally devastated, completely down... really dragging... like a completely different person. HERE IS THE QUESTION.... Do I snoop into it and try to help? Maybe accidentally say the right thing? Again... somebody I have probably never had a 10 word conversation with. An interesting thing to ponder... Do I just sit back and watch a really happy person be miserable? Or do I risk stepping in it completely in an attempt to be nice? Clearly, something really big happened... to change somebody this much... yet... I haven't caught on to what it may be... ANY IDEAS? An interesting predicament. - 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Something people underestimate about Hillary...

Something people greatly underestimate about Hillary...
Crossing the National Security people in DC is a very dangerous thing to do. I doubt she will live through the year. These are people you simply can not mess with, like she has. I have dealt with these people, on a limited basis... and they are downright scary. Poor Hillary has NO CLUE who she is messing with. She is in trouble with the wrong people, on this National Security stuff. You simply can not do what she has done and expect to live very long. Seriously. Hillary thinks she is invincible... but... there are people out there who simply will not tolerate somebody carelessly throwing around our National Secrets. This stuff is WAY bigger than she is. She is in danger. There are National Secrets that are far more important than a single human life. It might be a fun little game for her... but... The National Security types are not playing. She will not become President. Period. And, if she doesn't shut up... she may not live through the year. This is a REALLY sad situation... and I see disaster headed her way. People her age die all the time of "natural causes." And... if you think things like that don't happen... think again. Hillary is in deep. And, it is not funny. You just can not mess with THESE PEOPLE. There are people in this world you can kick around and play games with.... but... National Security type people won't put up with it. They WILL stop her. She is in grave danger. I see a very sad time in our Nation's history coming up in a few months. We are right on the brink of tragedy, with this one. This is not a good thing. This is a very, very sad situation for America. - S

Why I am voting for Bernie Sanders....

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hillary Gets SCHLONGED by Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton's Conversation with America continues... 

Hillary gets SCHLONGED by Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire...  

a PET ROCK could win against this woman...  

Hillary is a LOSER ...

Monday, February 8, 2016

My new hat!

I love my scrappy looking new hat... Just what I wanted... PERFECT!


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Speaking of The Star Spangled Banner....

Speaking of The Star Spangled Banner... Who knows the SECOND and THIRD verses? Everybody sing along, now...
And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,
A home and a country should leave us no more!
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!
Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

People and their silly brand names....

You know... sitting here thinking about something. I notice a lot of people consider the list of Singers / Actors and entertainment types they like to be part of THEIR identity. How strange. I simply can not relate to that mentality. The entertainment business is exactly that... a BUSINESS. And, that is ALL it is. This is right up there with people who consider the brand of car they drive to part of their identity... or brand of shoes... etc, etc, etc. All I can say is... perhaps they might consider having their very own identity that reflects something... anything... about who they really are... instead of what products they consume... and which businesses have successfully separated them from their money. I could make a guess... as an armchair psychologist... that they are simply afraid to put THEIR OWN personality out there for people... so they rattle off lists of singers / actors they like... brands of jeans they wear... etc, etc, etc... rather than risk sharing anything of substance about themselves. Just my uneducated guess. Anyway... I run into a lot of people like this... and it really puzzles me. Clearly something wrong with anybody over 15 who presents themselves this way. They are hiding something from the world... that is for sure.

I live in Religious Whacko Land....

You know... Holland Michigan really is Religious Whacko land... Seriously... The place is just full of whacked out "Christians" who are mostly just full of crap... and wouldn't know Jesus if they were talking to him face to face. What a town full of weirdos. Sometimes it just hits me... How in the world did I survive growing up around all these fruitcakes? These people are just so full of THEMSELVES and not "God"... or anything else even remotely good... Just drives me NUTS. For the most part... I see it as more evil than anything else... These people are psychotic. I don't mind people who believe in magical invisible beings in the sky... I mean... fine with me... I don't care if other people worship Tennis Shoes. Doesn't matter to me. It is none of my business. Its all the same ludicrous nonsense to me, either way. What I do care about is they act like ASSHOLES to their fellow humans... Prancing around bragging about how THEY are so smart that THEY just happened to choose the one true correct religion... THAT crap bothers me. The sheer arrogance of these people goes against everything their own religion teaches them. Not to mention... most of them I talk to know less about their own religion than I do... which utterly amazes me. And... their complete intolerance of other religions is nothing short of shameful. How DARE they swagger about declaring they are so correct and they know the one right prescription for everybody else. It really is sickening. Anybody with a BRAIN should feel insulted to the core by such stupidity. You would think they would take a hint from the Muslims who are slaughtering people in the name of Allah... You think that would clue some of these people in... that declaring YOUR religion as the "one true religion" might, just maybe, lead to some problems with other people who think THEIR equally stupid religion is the "one true religion" .... What a bunch of evil garbage. All of it. Why do they give a rat's ass what anybody else believes, anyway? The truth is... it is absolutely none of their fucking business. Why can't we all just get along? After all... when you think about it.... after you cut through the crap.... we all basically believe in the same Flying Spaghetti Monster, anyway.... So, what is everybody's problem?

Finally got that Author Biography finished....

Finally got that annoying Author Biography finished... as best I could. I can always edit it, later. For now, this will have to do. I just hate writing these sorts of things.... Its like a rotten homework assignment, or something....

Friday, February 5, 2016

My new Email Address ....

Big Smile... my new completely egotistical email address is up and running...

-- There's certain sense of humor to that... Big Smile.....

Wrote a new song....

Just wrote a great "Death Song" .... Can't really post much about it until I send it off to Nashville. Have to see what sort of interest I get from my Nashville contacts before saying much about it. Quirky business. Have to do things right. But, I really like this one --

Thursday, February 4, 2016



Just follow these 8 Simple Steps:

With the price of gasoline so low... it only makes sense to convert gasoline into food. Gas is getting cheaper. Food is getting more expensive. Turns out... converting Gasoline into food is much easier than most people think!

Just follow these 8 simple steps:

#1 -- Search online to Figure out where and when all the Food Bank drop offs are within reasonable driving distance of your house.

#2 -- Carefully put the gasoline into the gasoline tank of your automobile.

#3 -- Drive around to all the Food Bank drop offs, being sure to arrive at the proper times and locations you previously identified with your online research.

#4 --- Try to look poor. This usually helps you get a few extra items.

#5 -- Pick up your food.

 #6 -- Place food in car.

#7 -- Using the remainder of the gasoline... drive home.

#Step 8 -- Unload your food.

 And... PRESTO! Its like Magic! 

You just converted a few dollars worth of gasoline into FOOD ..... It couldn't be easier! -


My new hat ....

I ordered myself a present... a genuine leather stockman's hat.... I have wanted one of these for a long time... Key differences from a cowboy hat are the shape... the fact that it is LEATHER... and... one thing I had to shop around for was to find one with a NARROW brim. I don't like hats that you feel you can't fit through a doorway with. Also, the Bramah brand hats are foldable... which I need... so I can stuff it in a locker... or whatever. Although Stockman's hats are an Australian thing... the Bramah hats are made in the USA. This one has the pre-worn leather look to it.... which is what I wanted... because I want it to look like a scrappy OLD hat the very first time I wear it. ANYWAY... so I am pretty excited about it. Been wanting a distinctive hat for years.... Hopefully, this will do the trick.... I will update this story when I actually get my fancy new scrappy looking hat.... -

Friday, January 29, 2016

Well... you gotta start somewhere....

Did some more updates to my website... ... and it is coming along very nicely.  Traffic is slowly but steadily increasing.   Numbers are impressive for a website that has only been up and running for a couple weeks.

Pretty excited about the entire project... Need some more work on my Amazon page -- need to write a "Bio" of the author... which is ME.  As much as I love writing... I can't stand writing in the third person about myself.  "Steve climbed Mount Everest he was only 12 years old..."  -- That sort of garbage.  The REASON this kind of writing bothers me... is everybody reading KNOWS you sat there and wrote it in the third person.  So, it doesn't fool anybody.  It is still just YOU bragging about YOU.  And... that is just not my style, at all.

Sure I went to college... doesn't everybody?  Sure, I have a Masters of Management... doesn't everybody?  Who cares?  Either a book is fun or interesting to read or it isn't.  The Author's Bio has nothing to do with it.

Gawd!  I just hate writing these stupid Bio things....

Wish me well... because it MUST be done... grumble, grumble, grumble....

Onward and upward !!!


Saturday, January 23, 2016


Here's what's going on ... why you see a TON of activity from me...

I am setting up a "web presence" ... but... I am doing it by integrating multiple web sources...

So... instead of spending ALL DAY screwing around with ONE web platform... I am putting together a SYSTEM that gives me a presence across a whole bunch of platforms, or websites.

Currently... I am using...

YouTube ... 2 accounts...

Google Plus ... 2 accounts...

Facebook... 2 accounts... and one PAGE (which has a ton of followers) --- for my main Website... 

Blogger... for my main Blog Feed.... for my book sales on Kindle.

Google Adsense for Blog ads... website ads... and YouTube ads....

(Adsense is the thing I still can't get to work on GoDaddy)

ANYWAY.... so... this is why I have a ton of stuff flying around right now...

Mostly so I can TEST things and make sure it all works.

When I get finished.... a FEW MINUTES online each day will give me a presence across all these different platforms.... so... I won't need to blasting stuff all over the place to make a name for myself online.

That's the plan.

Somehow... I also want to incorporate Linked IN with this whole thing.... so... that is another site I will be figuring out.

The trick is not necessarily a HUGE presence on each platform...

The trick is spreading out my efforts across KEY sites around the web.

Setting it up is a lot of work.

Once it is set up... it should be FAR LESS work... far less typing than most people are doing each day online.

When the whole thing gets rolling.... I will have potential income from a few different sources... built into what I have already been doing for 20 years, anyway.... which is spending an hour or so at my computer, every day.

That is what is going on.

We shall see.


Men are from EARTH. Women are from...

A stray rant that never got into my book somehow...

"Men are from Earth.  Women are from some other damned place.”

Did you ever notice the men in soap operas?

I have some dumb soap opera blaring away in the background and there are these two grown men having a conversation about relationships.  News flash:  Men do not sit around talking about relationships.  Well, straight men don’t.  

Seems like every time I catch a glance at a soap opera, there are perfectly normal looking men talking about relationships.  Read my lips:  Men do not talk about relationships with other men, unless they are gay.  No wonder women can’t find the man of their dreams.  They think men are actually going to express their feelings in words.  No way in Hell.  My guess is all the writers of soap operas are women and gay men, because they have men down completely wrong on these shows.

“I am very concerned about Victor’s relationship with his son Blaze.”

“Yes, I worry about that, too.  What will Blaze think if he finds out the truth about Rip’s friendship with Carlos?”

“Perhaps there is a way we can get Jacob and Susan to help Carlos explain things.”

Men do not talk like this.  Men talk like this:

“Didja see the tits on that Becky Sue down at the truck stop?”

“Now, that’s what I am talk’n about!  When I get them big tires on my truck, I’m gonna make a run on that shit.”

“Can I come along?  I don’t mind sloppy seconds.”

“Shee-it, Hoss, There won’t be nothing left of that when I’m done.  I’m gonna tear that up!”

That is how men talk.

What the world needs is a soap opera that gives women a realistic view of what men are really like. In all my fifty years here on the cockroach planet I have never seen a man wearing his pants so you can his butt crack on a soap opera.  But, seems like I see at least one every time I stop into a gas station.  How can this be?  Even the plumbers on soap operas don’t show off their butt cracks!  No dang wonder women have a completely warped view of what men are like.

Make that fifty one years.

From what I can tell, here is what women want in a man:  

He needs to be kind and caring and compassionate. He needs to be well dressed. Macho. Sexy. Wealthy, but does not care about money.  Professional, but home with the family all the time. Strong and forceful when dealing with the world and a complete pushover when dealing with the woman in his life.  He must have a strong sex drive, but only want to have sex with her.  (Yeah, right.)  He needs to love her trashy family with all its problems.  He likes long walks on the beach.  Doesn’t matter if there is a beach within a thousand miles or not. Sunsets.  For some reason if I guy says he doesn’t like sunsets, no woman will like him.  And, even though he is a wealthy professional, active in his community, he needs to spend endless amounts of time on global vacations and eating at restaurants and talking about relationships.

Did I miss anything?

What it boils down to is most women are out there with this shopping list of what they want in a man and they never seem notice that no human being can possibly be all those things at the same time.

Where do women get these absurd ideas about men?  Soap operas.  I mean, the doctors on soap operas have time to stand around and talk about relationships, right?  For some reason there is never somebody in the next room spurting out blood who might need some doctoring.  Last time I was at the hospital I never saw a doctor who was not running around at a full gallop.  Not to mention, most doctors spend about twenty three hours a day working, so good luck ever seeing him at home.

Think about it.  How many times have you seen a private jet on a soap opera?

All right, now, how many of us own private jets?

On soap operas they ride in private jets more than they ride in cars.

Besides, most men are just happy with bigger tires for the truck.

Men are simple creatures.  What do men want in a relationship?

Small list:

Provide sex.

Take care of kids.

Cook food.

Look pretty when you are supposed to.

And, shut the Hell up, already.

The strange thing about this is the list most men have is very possible.  Women just don’t want to do those things.  Men are not asking for the impossible in a woman.  It is very possible for a woman to do these things.  It is, however, highly improbable that most men will ever find such a woman.  This is why men order wives from other countries, by the way.  I think that will be one of the more enlightening points I will make in my book, when I write it.  Women have a long complicated, completely impossible wish list when it comes to men.  Men have a short, simple, yet improbable wish list.

For any women who do not believe me, all I can say is:  What do you do when you are trying to snag a man?  Let me guess.  Provide, imply or promise sex, show how much you love kids, cook food, look pretty, and hold your tongue.  Sound familiar?  You know what we want.  Men are simple.

Men are from Earth.  

Women are from some other damned place where they write soap operas.

Surviving The GoDaddy Disaster ---

Slow Sledding on GoDaddy trying to make my website useful...  
Got my Blog integrated into it.  It looks OK. Not great... just OK. 
I still think using GoDaddy was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made in life.

The value of a single sentence.....

This really just happened to me --- Trying to deal with GoDaddy .. I decided maybe WINDOWS would work better on their site. I haven't used Windows basically for about ten years. So... I swap out my computer box with my wife's Windows machine.... And... well... now I have TWO problems instead of one... GoDaddy and WINDOWS. To get an hour of use out of Windows... might as well schedule ANOTHER hour to screw around with Windows, itself. Updates... Configuring this... configuring that... Security alerts... Virus scans... all the usual reasons I haven't used Windows for a long time. But... I finally get Windoze up and running.... just to make it more fun...right in the middle of really well thought out sentence I was typing for a blog post.... BAM... the screen goes blank... well... not blank... it just magically turned into the Clouds Desktop... and a message came up... "Configuring Windows" .... XX% complete.... and then of course it had to RESTART for the 5th or 6th time in about two hours of use. And... of course... then it had to update some more... and configure some more... And of course... the virus scan has to run again. And don't even start with that "Which version of Windows do you have?" Don't even start with that. They have all sucked since the beginning of time... so... don't even go there. Windows is junk. Ninety percent of what you hate about computers... is actually Windows... not your computer, at all. ANYWAY...HERE is my point... None of this really matters all that much. I don't have a life. I enjoy sitting in front of my computer and watching Windows self mutilate. Its kinda fun... and just reminds me why I haven't used Windows in a decade, or so. BUT... I LOST A SENTENCE. I had this really wonderful, perfect sentence going... and Windows crapped out... distracted me... and I lost my magnificent sentence. And... WORDS are very important to me. Especially MY words. When I get a thought just right... exactly the way I want it... in a really spectacular little sentence... that has VALUE to me. And, I lost a really cool sentence to Windows. My little sentence is gone forever. I will never see or hear from it again. And maybe words don't mean much to other people.... but... I value my words. A well formed sentence can be one of the most powerful things in the universe. Or as I once heard somebody say... "Words mean things." So, now, here I am... bright and early on a Saturday... having major trauma... in a complete state of mourning ... over the loss of my sentence. And, it really was a spectacular sentence. Lost to the world, forever.... because of Windows. Somehow, I must figure out how to go on... And, it isn't easy. What if? And, I mean WHAT IF... that one little sentence could have changed the world? What if that one little sentence was the cure for war or ended all cancers? What if? Sigh.... a little flash of brilliance... lost for all eternity. Time to plug my Linux machine back in.... and try to go on with life. I had better quick post this before it also disappears into the giant black hole where Windows sends things..... Sigh..... It is hard to grasp the sum total of what mankind has lost to Windows glitches like this... The world would, indeed, be a far different place if Windows had been working properly for the past 25 years....

Friday, January 22, 2016

Wow.... GoDaddy SUCKS .....

GoDaddy is THE WORST web hosting service I have ever encountered.... 

All I want to do is cut and paste a piece of HTML code into the code for my page... and it is basically impossible. GoDaddy uses these stupid "template" things... which are great for 1st graders who want a web page... but... for those of us who actually know a tiny bit about HTML code... GoDaddy's entire system is worthless. And, I am stuck with them for 90 days before they will transfer my domain name. So... other than for some Kindergarten homework project... GoDaddy is just a waste of time and money. Do not, do not, do not host a page with GoDaddy.

Now... I have to decide whether to FIGHT with their phone idiots and risk having a heart attack....

OR lose 90 days of INCOME because I can't cut and paste a snippet of HTML code into a GoDaddy page.... something that should take about 60 seconds... and I have already wasted like 5 days on... 

Or just start a NEW page with a NEW name on some other hosting service.... 

All I know... is GoDaddy is COMPLETE garbage!

Screw them.