Sunday, February 7, 2016

People and their silly brand names....

You know... sitting here thinking about something. I notice a lot of people consider the list of Singers / Actors and entertainment types they like to be part of THEIR identity. How strange. I simply can not relate to that mentality. The entertainment business is exactly that... a BUSINESS. And, that is ALL it is. This is right up there with people who consider the brand of car they drive to part of their identity... or brand of shoes... etc, etc, etc. All I can say is... perhaps they might consider having their very own identity that reflects something... anything... about who they really are... instead of what products they consume... and which businesses have successfully separated them from their money. I could make a guess... as an armchair psychologist... that they are simply afraid to put THEIR OWN personality out there for people... so they rattle off lists of singers / actors they like... brands of jeans they wear... etc, etc, etc... rather than risk sharing anything of substance about themselves. Just my uneducated guess. Anyway... I run into a lot of people like this... and it really puzzles me. Clearly something wrong with anybody over 15 who presents themselves this way. They are hiding something from the world... that is for sure.

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